Rusty old structural steel, commercial items, military and marine items, in fact any steel that has been professionally blasted can be coated successfully to provide many more years of visual and structural integrity.
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With many experienced applicators, WABS has been providing a professional Polyurea Protective Coatings service for over 10 years. Polyurea coatings are becoming increasing popular to protect steel work from corrosion due to the long lifespan of the coating (up to 30 years). The coating can be applied to any thickness in one seamless membrane and is ideal for the mining industry and high impact wear areas such as sacrificial coating to protect components.


This coating can provide a flexible, durable, weather-tight resistant seal to many substrates including steel pipes and pipelines,bridges, rails and tunnels as well as tank lining and marine items.


Polyurea can stick to any substrate and is dry after each application allowing for a quick turnaround time. It can also been tinted indifferent colours to give a decorative appeal.