Metal spray process means superior quality and performance. Metalizing for corrosion control is the most effective, long lasting protective coating available today.
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Thermal metal spray has come a long way with new technology and pre-alloyed wires are available for longer life and more resilient coatings. The basic concepts of this process is to arc two wires together and then push a high volume of air behind that arc to disperse the molten arc into fine particles. These particles are then propelled onto a pre-prepared substrate where they solidify.

Metal spray coatings provide are far superior to conventional coatings and has a proven, well-documented extra-long term protection against elements which may degenerate the substrate. Zinc and Aluminium thermal spray coatings can provide many years of service life from 5 to 50+ years.

Thermal spray can be applied in wider and more diverse climatic conditions than conventional paints with the coating being instantly ready for service after application. It can be used for a wide variety of applications from providing galvanic protection, corrosion protection, wear resistance and non-skid surfaces.

Applications are available for:

● Walkways

● Ship & trawler decks

● loading ramps

● Man holes

● Suitable for vehicle & pedestrian traffic

● Zinc 98.9% pure to galvanize steel substrate